DeMarini Black Ops Bag w/Wheels

  • DeMarini Black Ops Bag w/Wheels

  • DeMarini Black Ops Bag w/Wheels

DeMarini Black Ops Bag w/Wheels

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DeMarini Black Ops Bag w/Wheels

  • DeMarini Black Ops Bag w/Wheels

  • DeMarini Black Ops Bag w/Wheels


  • Protective, adjustable compartments for all gear
  • Breathable, washable shoe compartment
  • Armored bat compartment with 4 individually padded sleeves
  • Removable, backpack-convertible neoprene straps
  • Hideaway fence claws
  • Rugged custom wheels and telescoping pull handle
  • Hardbody construction protects bag outside and gear inside
  • Customization zone with removable patch
  • 37" L x 15" W x 12" H

Product Questions

Does this bag have enough room for catcher's gear, batting helmet and infield glove?

Customer Reviews

Disappointing Quality/Durability it's a DEFECTIVE Product

Looks like it has everything you need in a bag, organized well, spacious, convenient features, the designer did a great job.

The only problem is they need to learn how to manufacture the bag, POOR quality/durability, guess they forgot about the product testing component!

Bought the bag for the start of the seasons, three days into practice the shoulder strap anchors rip on one side making the strap useless. Bring it back for replacement, good service at monkey, they apologies for the inconvenience give me a replacement, and guess what, three days later, two strap anchors break and I can't be more frustrated!

What do I do, love the bag, but I can't use it, inconceivable to spend that much money on a bag that breaks after three days. Did monkey get a bad batch, sounds like a a common issue reading other reviews, where are these bags made and who is responsible for quality control.

This Black Ops bag is going to be a Black Eye bag for DeMarini, giving them a reputation of high price, low quality equipment, re-evaluate your manufacturing process! If I were the designer of this bag I would be upset with what the manufacturer did to your vision.

Review by Nathan (Posted on 3/28/2014)
Great Bag even for the price

This will be my second full year using this bag, and frankly it looks just like the day I purchased it. I have had no problems with zippers and I use two pair shoes in the shoe compartment. I do normal maintenance on the bag as I do with all my equipment, at the end of the season I clean the bag and then store it for the winter. So far this bag has lasted longer and look better doing so then any bag I have used and it's been dragged thought some bad places and thrown in the back of my truck full of dirt.

Review by smitty1950 (Posted on 3/5/2014)

Well worth the money. Tons of pockets and room for everything. Had it a while now and it's very durable. I will say i Wish it held 6 bats, but other than that this is the best bag on the market and I've owned most the other top end bags.

Review by MLL (Posted on 2/24/2014)
returning product waiting on return label

zippers on both bags were reversed

Review by RPM (Posted on 1/28/2014)

Got the bag for my son as a Christmas gift. It seemed like a great bag at first. Looks stylish, is spacious and appeared rugged. However after only two uses one of the handles came unstitched. I'm very disappointed. It cost way too much money to be falling apart.

Review by bballmom (Posted on 1/24/2014)
Awful, awful, awful.

My son brought this bag to an indoor cage after receiving it for Christmas and it broke immediately. This bag might look good, but do not waste your money it will not last. The bag has a ton of zippered compartments and the zippers are held on by basically a paper clip. Very poor design and materials on such an expensive item. Also I do not recommend Homerunmonkey by any means. They will not give you a refund despite what they say on their website. This was a terrible experience all the way around.

Review by Lisa O (Posted on 1/20/2014)
great bag

Great bag, but a little expensive. It lasts a very long time so it's worth the price over all. I'd recommend this to anyone that needs a roomy bag to carry all of their equipment around with them.

Review by Josh (Posted on 5/12/2013)
Excellent bag

Pros: solid bag, stands upright on its own ( this you didn't know you wanted until you have it ). Handle on the bottom for easy unloading out of my pick up no matter which way I load it, lots of space for your average player. It is keeping me well organized. I can access my shoes from the front not from the bottom like my old Easton's. I don't have to open the bag to hang it. Nice shelf for holding my glove during game time

Cons: the wheels are loud no errors bags win here. No beer holder, could use a fold down chair.

Review by Super man (Posted on 5/8/2013)

This bag is very roomy and easy to get form place to place. Very nice quality and the wheels help a lot.

Review by Chrisitne (Posted on 5/2/2013)

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