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What Is a Proper Batting Stance?

For kids and beginning baseball and softball players, finding the right stance is critical for a successful career. If you happen to watch professional baseball players today, you might begin to think that there isn’t a single correct stance, and that’s a correct assumption. However, when beginning to play ball and deciding on your stance, there are a few rules to follow. This post will give a step-by-step guide on how to get into a proper batting stance for beginning baseball and softball players.

1. Determine if you would be more comfortable in an open stance, even stance, or closed stance. An open stance means that your front foot (the one facing the pitcher) is placed farther away from the plate than the back foot. In an even stance, both feet are lined up parallel to the plate. A closed stance means that the front foot is closer to home plate than the back foot. Any of these three stances are acceptable, it’s up to you, the player, to determine which is more comfortable.

2. Spread your feet out so that they are roughly six to eight inches wider than your shoulders. Keep your body centered a little more away from the pitcher by placing slightly more weight on your back foot than your front foot.

3. Open your front foot so that it is about a 45 degree angle to the pitcher.

4. Make sure that your whole body is balanced by causing your hips and your shoulders to be level. You don’t want to be pointing to the sky or down at the ground. Tuck your front shoulder in towards your body just little, while still remaining comfortable.

5. Keep your head, eyes, and body steady and level. You want to have everything fall within the same plane. Your chin should be tucked in just slightly towards your front shoulder so that you achieve a good view of the pitcher and the ball.

6. Hold the bat out in front of you so that your hands are approximately eight to twelve inches apart. Your back arm should remain in the same plane as your rear shoulder. Do not point your elbow clear up in the air, as this will cause your bat to “drop” as you swing. Your elbows should be six to eight inches from your body and bent at a comfortable position.

7. Hold the bat up at an angle so it is exactly half way between being vertical and horizontal. You will not be comfortable if the bat is pointing directly up towards the sky. Similarly, the bat should not be perpendicular to your body.

The most important part of setting up your batting stance is to make sure you are comfortable and have a clear view of the pitcher and the ball. Try playing around with a few techniques, such as having an open or closed stance, until you feel most comfortable in your position.