Captodor Odor Destroyer Sports Apparel Laundry Detergent - 900ml

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  • CAPTODOR┬« Sports Apparel is a unique laundry formula, optimized to efficiently dislodge dirt and unpleasant perspiration odors that particularly adhere to the synthetic fibers of sportswear. It is also very effective for washing clothing made of natural fibers
  • This laundry detergent attacks all kinds of dirt (grease, grass, mud)
  • This high-performance detergent only requires a small quantity to perform a load of laundry and obtain exceptionally clean results
  • It's very pleasant scent remains after washing and drying
  • This product does not alter the colors or brightness of textiles
  • Prevents fabrics from yellowing and greying
  • Works efficiently in cold or hot water
  • Neutral pH
  • No phosphates
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