Easton Pro X Adult Baseball Catcher's Leg Guards

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Want to protect the plate like a pro? The Easton Pro X Adult Baseball Catcher's Leg Guards are designed for the highest level of play possible, which can be seen from San Diego Padres catcher, Austin Hedges who wears Easton’s® all-new Pro X™ Catcher’s Gear.

Measured from the middle of the knee to the anklebone, these leg guards are measured at 16.5 inches, perfectly sized for an adult baseball catcher. Exclusive to the adult and intermediate models, the toe extension piece is designed to hang down across the foot to protect the toe from errant pitches or help in the blocking position.

The Easton Pro X™ Leg Guards’ wide-set knee design provides a larger surface area in the blocking position and allows for more explosive side-to-side movements. The reinforced knee and thigh connection provides a more secure fit when moving in and out of the catcher’s squat.

Additionally, the inner, removable knee pads are built with shock absorbing Poron XRD™ foam and are surrounded by plush foam for added support and comfort. The Pro X™ shell has a vented designed and an EVAIR™ foam liner for increased airflow and breathability with a removable shin bad for comfort adjustability.

Designed for the elite to pro-level catcher, the Easton Pro X Adult Baseball Catcher's Leg Guards will give you the highest level of protection and comfort that can be found on the market today. Take your game behind the plate to the next level with the Easton Pro X Adult Baseball Catcher's Leg Guards.

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