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Easton Maxum 360 Baseball Bats

BBCOR Bats (High School & College)

Adult Baseball Bats

With the introduction of the new BBCOR standard for adult baseball bats, replacing the old BESR standard, baseball players are looking for every advantage they can get to help them perform better at the plate. The new BBCOR baseball bats are designed to act more like wood baseball bats, making them less responsive when the ball hits the barrel. Because of this, it’s important to find a bat that is right for your style of play to help you succeed.

When it comes to finding a BBCOR bat, the first thing to know is all BBCOR bats have a weight-to-length (or drop) of (-3) – meaning the difference between the length of the bat and the weight of the bat equals 3; e.g. a 33in bat with a (-3) drop will be 30oz. BBCOR is also the standard requirement for high school and college, as well as some travel ball leagues – so it’s important to make sure your bat has the latest BBCOR .50 stamp on it if you are playing a league that requires the BBCOR certification.

Adult baseball bats come in a variety of different styles from: material, construction and weight distribution. Materials include composite baseball bats, alloy baseball bats and a hybrid version in composite/alloy baseball bats. The material you choose is mainly based on personal preference – composite requires a break-in period, but generally performs better than alloy, while some players prefer the classic “ping” sound an alloy barrel has when it makes contact. Construction is whether the bat is 2-piece or one, solid piece and is also heavy on personal preference. A 2-piece baseball bat will have some flex at the connection point, giving a little extra whip. A one-piece baseball bat will feel more traditional and provide a stiffer swing at contact. As for the weight distribution, that will rely more on style of hitting, whether a contact hitter or power hitter. A power hitter will lean more toward an end-loaded baseball bat, which has the weight distributed more toward the end of the bat and feels heavier when swinging and provides a bigger punch. Whereas a contact hitter will probably perform best with a balanced baseball bat, for quicker swing speeds since the weight is distributed evenly throughout the barrel and bat.

It is important to take-in all of the aforementioned features of an adult baseball bat before purchasing. Luckily, at BaseballMonkey we have a huge selection from all different styles, weight distributions and materials from the best manufacturers in the business, such as: Rawlings, DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Baden and Marucci. The best selection of the most impressive bats at great prices – BaseballMonkey has what you need to perform your best at the plate.

Not quite sure which style or size is best for you? Check out our bat buying guide for more information!