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Big Barrel Bats (Youth)

Senior League Baseball Bats

Senior League baseball bats do not meet the same BBCOR standards as Adult baseball bats, therefore these bats are available in different length-to-weight (drop) ratios to help meet the needs of younger players as they develop their swings. As the player gets stronger and more efficient in his/her mechanics, s/he has the option of using a heavier bat to help with the transition into the world of BBCOR and (-3) drop weights. Remember, the smaller the number, the heavier the bat. So, if a bat is (-10), the difference between the length and the weight is 10, whereas (-5), the difference is 5, e.g.: a (-10) 30in bat will weigh 20oz while a (-5) 30in bat will weigh 25oz.

Along with the drop weight differences, some bats may also differ in barrel size. The standard barrel size of an Adult (BBCOR) baseball bat is 2 5/8” in circumference. Most models of Senior League baseball bats meet this measurement, however, there are some that are available in a bigger, 2 ¾” circumference. These bats are known as “big barrel” and are only permitted in certain leagues. So it is important as a player, coach or parent to know the league regulations for barrel sizes – you don’t want to purchase a 2 ¾” bat just to find out the bat is considered illegal and cannot be used in a game/tournament.

After determining drop weight and barrel size, it is important to take a look at the player’s hitting style and other personal preferences. Is the player a power hitter? Contact hitter? Just starting out? These are things to consider before choosing a bat. At™, we offer a selection of bats for all types of hitters from: balanced baseball bats, end-loaded baseball bats, 2-piece baseball bats, one-piece baseball bats, composite baseball bats, alloy baseball bats and composite baseball bats. From the most trusted names in the business: Louisville Slugger, Easton, DeMarini, Marucci, Combat, Rawlings, Baden and Mizuno - at the best prices online.

Each part of the bat, whether it be the construction, material or weight distribution, will have its own pros and cons – so it’s important to understand how the bat is built and what it’s made of before buying; just as it is important to have the correct size and weight for the player. Too light and there will not be enough pop at contact, too heavy and the hands won’t be able to catch up to the pitch. Check out our bat buying guide for more information on what to look for in your bat based on your preferences and hitting style.