First Baseman Gloves

First base baseball gloves are designed differently than infielders gloves are, even though first base is technically an infield position. Whereas second and third basemen and shortstops need to transfer balls from glove to hand quickly, the objective of a first baseman is to simply trap the ball and not let it slip out.

The first base glove has a wide web pattern and long, mitten-like conjoined fingers, measuring 12 to 13 inches, meant to create a deep pocket for receiving throws and scooping low-thrown balls. The first baseman glove also comes with some additional padding on the palm to reduce the "sting."

Brands like Mizuno, Rawlings, Marucci, Louisville Slugger, Wilson, Nokona, Under Armour, Nike, All-Star, Adidas, and Easton all make gloves, so you're sure to find the perfect first base glove. Be sure to try any new glove on before using it to check the fit and comfort and to make sure it doesn't slide off your hand. Practice with it or play catch a few times in order to break it in before using it in a game.

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