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Baseball Gloves (Adult & Youth)

Baseball Gloves

At BaseballMonkey, we know that choosing the right baseball glove is a very important decision as a player, coach or parent. Because of this, we do our best to offer as many options as possible to fit your needs, whether it be as an infielder, outfielder, first baseman or catcher – we have a huge variety of baseball gloves from quality manufacturers like: Rawlings, Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Easton, Mizuno, Nike, Nokona, All-Star, Insignia and Marucci. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new glove, including age group, level of play and most importantly, position. Your personal preference and position as a baseball player is going to weigh heavily on the size and web pattern you choose. Here are some basic guidelines for selecting the adult baseball glove that is right for you.

Infielder: Infielder’s gloves (shortstop, 2nd base, 3rd base) tend to be on the shorter-side, have shallow pockets and close from thumb to ring-finger. Generally, infielder’s gloves will range from 11”-12.25” and popular web patterns include: I-web, dual post, single post, modified trapeze and 2-piece closed. Middle infielders (2nd base and shortstop) will keep their glove on the shorter end of the spectrum (11-11.5”) for quicker transitions, with more open web patterns (single post, I-web). While 3rd basemen tend to use gloves that are a little longer (11.5-12.25”) with closed webs (modified trapeze, 2-piece closed) that are stronger and have slightly deeper pockets, to ensure the ball is caught on hard line drives.

Pitcher: Some may contest that pitcher’s gloves should be included with the other infielder’s gloves, but some manufacturers will design gloves specifically for pitchers. These gloves are usually around 11.75”-12.25” and have closed webs in order to conceal the seams of a baseball when selecting the next pitch. Pitcher’s gloves also tend to be a little lighter than normal fielder’s gloves for added comfort when on the mound.

Outfielder: Outfielder’s gloves (right field, center field, left field) tend to be longer, have deeper pockets and close from pinky to thumb. Generally, outfielder’s gloves will range from 12.5”-13” and popular web patterns include: dual post, modified trapeze and trapeze. Outfielders prefer longer, stable fingers with wider, deeper pockets to make sure the ball is secure in the glove when catching fly balls and scooping up grounders on-the-run. Outfielders are less concerned with transition from glove to hand more with making sure the ball makes it into the pocket.

First Baseman: First base gloves are designed specifically for the needs of the first baseman. First base mitts run in the range of 12”-13” in length and use web patterns that are wide and deep to help pick balls out of the dirt with ease. First baseman mitts also have added padding in the palm to reduce sting, while the outer portion of the mitt is reinforced for longevity and durability.

Catcher: Catcher’s gloves are designed specifically for the needs of the catcher. Catcher’s mitts are measured differently, instead of by length, catcher’s mitts are measured by circumference of the entire glove, in order to get a better idea of the catching surface. For baseball catcher’s mitts, the circumference generally measures between 31”-33” and have completely closed webs for added strength and durability. There is also added padding in the palm and around the glove to reduce the sting of impact and increased longevity.

Whether you are in the field or behind dish, you don’t need to look any further than™ to find the adult baseball glove that is perfect for you at a great price.