Softball First Base Gloves & Mitts

Fastpitch first base softball gloves differ from infield gloves, even though first base is technically an infield position. First base softball gloves are longer, resemble mittens, and have deep pockets to trap the ball and hold on to it, as first basemen don't often need to transfer the ball from glove to hand.

First base softball gloves typically measure 12 to 13 inches long and feature wide, deep web pockets that aid players in scooping up low-thrown balls. These gloves also tend to have less padding than their baseball counterparts. Since softballs are so much larger than baseballs, softball players need to have as much space in their gloves as possible to trap the ball.

Choose from brands like Rawling, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, and Wilson. Unlike other fastpitch softball gloves, the first base mitt isn't a utility glove. The conjoined, mitten-like fingers make fastpitch first base softball gloves specialized for one position.

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