Youth Infield and Outfield Baseball Gloves

Youth infield and outfield baseball gloves are meant for youngsters advancing in the ranks of the little leagues. With a solid foundation and some in-game experience, it might be time to explore different types of mitts. First, identify whether your player prefers playing infield or outfield since the two gloves are inherently different.

Youth infield gloves have less of the complexities of adult gloves, such as the web pattern and length. For players who like second base, third base, or shortstop, look for a glove that's 9 to 11 inches long. Outfielders need a youth outfield glove about 11 to 13 inches long. Don't worry about web patterns; just focus on finding a glove that fits and feels good.

From brands like Mizuno, Wilson, Rawlings, Marucci, Louisville Slugger, Easton, Nike, Franklin, Nokona, and Worth, you'll find a wide selection of gloves for any player's specific needs. Youth infield and outfield gloves are typically made with lighter materials, making them easy to open and close and less expensive.

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