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Umpire Accessories: Clickers & Plate Brushes

Umpire Accessories

Umpires are responsible for more than making the “Safe” or “Out” calls. They are also responsible for: keeping count of balls, strikes, outs and even innings, keeping the plate clean enough to determine those balls and strikes as the ball crosses the plate and keeping a set of back-up balls to replace those that go out of play. Some umpires may desire the additional protection of a throat guard or need facemask replacement pads for theirs that are worn down. For all of these reasons, umpires are in need of many accessories and at™ we have all of the umpire accessories you need to keep things running smoothly and do your job effectively. From all the major brands like: Champro, Diamond, Wilson, Rawlings, All-Star, Adams, Easton and Smitty; we have the best prices for: umpire indicators and clickers, umpire ball bags, umpire ball brushes – even full umpire kits and other protective and replacement accessories. We are more than just a baseball and softball equipment website, we are all things baseball and softball. So when you’re looking for your umpire needs, look no further than BaseballMonkey for your umpire gear and accessories from your favorite brands, at the best prices online.