EvoShield XVT Batting Helmet Face Shield


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The XVT Batting Helmet Face Shield from EvoShield gives you added protection at the plate where you need it most. Engineered to securely mount to the side of the helmet, this shield protects the side of your face without obstructing sightlines. A lightweight ABS plastic construction with a padded inner surface means you don't sacrifice protection for comfort. XVT Batting Helmet Face Shield is compatible with all XVT and XVT Luxe Batting Helmets

  • Engineered to securely mount to batting helmet - Protects side of face exposed to pitcher, does not obstruct sightlines
  • Superior comfort - Lightweight ABS plastic with padded inner surface
  • East Install - Only two total screws
  • Does not affect the SEI NOCSAE certification of the EvoShield XVT Luxe and Evoshield XVT batting helmets when properly installed
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