StringKing Baseball Bats

StringKing Metal Pro (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

StringKing BBCOR and USA baseball bats are now available at BaseballMonkey! Primarily a lacrosse company, StringKing is breaking into the baseball market in a big way. They are doing so with two new bats, the “Metal Pro” and the “Metal”, available in both BBCOR and USA models. We will highlight these two bats below and will provide you with some information on each one. Give a StringKing bat a try, and start launching moonshots to pluto!

StringKing Metal Pro (-10) USA Baseball Bat

The StringKing Metal Pro (-10) USA Baseball Bat bat combines premium materials and superior manufacturing to deliver a powerful baseball bat with consistent performance. This bat features the maximum allowable barrel diameter at 2 5/8-inches, giving you the best chance to make clean, powerful contact with the baseball on every swing.

With a slightly end-loaded weight distribution, the StringKing Metal USA Bat delivers the fast hands of a balanced baseball bat combined with the increased power of a more end-loaded bat. This bat delivers consistent, all-around performance at a price that can’t be beaten. You get powerful, balanced, and lasting performance of your baseball bat, all at an insane value.

StringKing baseball bats are the perfect option for someone looking for a high-quality, high-performing bat at an amazing value. Although StringKing is known primarily for their top of the line lacrosse gear, we believe they will make quite an impact on the baseball market as more players find out about their products.

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