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Umpire Chest Protector

Umpire Chest Protectors

At™, we understand that your needs as an umpire are going to differ from those of a catcher. Sure, you both want maximum protection with a great fit and mobility, but as an umpire you don’t need to be quite as mobile as the catcher that needs to pop-up and make quick throw to 2nd base. Just like a ballplayer, each umpire is going to have is going to have different personal preferences. Whether you are an umpire that is looking for a hard shell umpire chest protector to focus on ultimate protection, or prefer having a lightweight, soft shell baseball chest protector or softball chest protector for a, or even looking for some protection along your shoulders and arms – we have an option for all different preferences at a great price from reliable brands. Brands like: Champro, Wilson, All-Star, Diamond and Rawlings. Don’t worry Blue, BaseballMonkey has you covered behind the dish.

For more information on the different styles of umpire chest protectors and what is the best fit for you, check out our Umpire Buying Guide.