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Baseball & Softball Shoes

Footwear and Accessories gives you the edge with the best footwear designed for optimal performance on the ball field.

Whether you choose a turf cleat, metal cleats, or start out with a pair of speed trainers, one thing is certain, you will be sliding into home plate scoring another homerun for your team. We want you to play your game at peak performance and the way the game was meant to be played. If you need any assistance choosing the right pair of cleats for your specific needs, Contact Customer Service and one of our specially trained and knowledgeable experts will guide you through the process.

Having the right equipment is important in any sport and baseball cleats provide the traction needed for accelerating and maneuvering on the field. The design of baseball cleats enables a player to use their toe to grip the dirt during running starts and stops. Cleats are available with molded, rubber, or metal spikes. Rubber cleats are durable, strong and effective. They can be worn on and off the field. Metal cleats provide better traction because the cleats dig into the dirt or grass further than rubber cleats.

Whether you are playing in Little League, high school, college, minor league or Major League Baseball, turf shoes give you a slight advantage that makes the difference between being a decent runner and an excellent one. The right pair of baseball cleats can make the difference between making it to the next base safely or getting to that fly ball that's midway between outfield and infield.