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Umpire equipment is very similar to the gear that catchers use. Like catchers, umpires wear a face mask/helmet, chest protector and leg guards. They need to protect their face, chest and legs against wild pitches and foul balls, because pitchers don’t always have total control of their pitches, foul balls are unpredictable and sometimes catchers don’t react quickly enough to stop the ball.

Choose umpire gear from brands like All Star, Easton, Mizuno, Rawlings, Wilson and more to buy these pieces separately or in combo packages that come with a carrying bag. Like catchers, umpires can opt for a face mask pulled over a helmet or hat, or an all-in-one style helmet with a face mask attached. Chest protectors and leg guards are more uniform, as they’re meant to cover the shoulders, chest and abdomen, and knees, shins and feet.

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