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Old Hickory was established in 1999 that has grown from making baseball bats in a one-car garage to one of the top baseball bat manufacturers in the world. Old Hickory prides itself on providing the best baseball bats and customer service in the business. Every order that Old Hickory receives is cut from the same wood and treated with the same care and attention that their Major League players’ bats receive. With several professional baseball players swinging Old Hickory, you know you are getting quality with one of their wood baseball bats.

Old Hickory Baseball EquipmentOld Hickory Baseball Equipment

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Old Hickory hand selects their maple and birch wood for their bats from the Northeastern United States and Canada. Only the highest quality wood is selected for Old Hickory bats before the billet of wood is cut, hand-sanded, and hand finished to the exact specifications of each individual player.

Old Hickory is always creating the highest quality wood baseball bats while innovating and adjusting to the game of baseball. Check out some of their new baseball bats to find one that suits your playing style.

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Along with wood baseball bats, Old Hickory also sells other products for baseball players. Old Hickory also sells apparel and pine tar sticks along with their quality wood baseball bats.

Old Hickory Baseball Equipment FAQs

Is Old Hickory a good brand for baseball equipment?

Old Hickory is one of the top wood bat manufacturers in the world with several Major League baseball players choosing their bats. Old Hickory is also the bat of choice for 3x MVP Mike Trout.

What equipment does Old Hickory sell for baseball?

Old Hickory sells the highest quality maple and birch wood baseball bats. Along with this, they also sell apparel and pine tar sticks.

What is the best Old Hickory wood baseball bat?

While different bats will suit different players or playing styles, the most popular Old Hickory wood baseball bat is the MT27. The MT27 is Mike Trout’s pro-model wood baseball bat.

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