StringKing Baseball & Softball Equipment

Well-known as a premier lacrosse equipment supplier, StringKing brought its advanced process to the baseball and softball world in 2018. They produce high-quality bats that are manufactured to compete with higher-priced brands.

StringKing Baseball & Softball Equipment

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StringKing baseball bats are crafted with a quality metal alloy that offers incredible durability without sacrificing weight and performance. Their bats meet the exacting standards of BBCOR and USA Baseball for travel and competitive leagues.

Using lightweight advanced materials and modern technology, StringKing produces responsive and powerful fastpitch bats for use in leagues requiring NSA, WSBC, ISA, USA Softball, and USSSA standards.

StringKing brings their lacrosse experience into their bat lines. To see the latest innovations from StringKing, peruse the latest releases they have to offer baseball and softball players.

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