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Founded in 2012, Victus has grown to be one of the most elite wood bat manufacturers in baseball. Not only is Victus a leader in wood baseball bats but they also manufacture metal baseball bats for various age groups. Along with bats, Victus also makes batting gloves and other baseball accessories. With a commitment to adaptable performance-based quality, Victus embraces the evolution of the game and salute the next generation of players who are changing it.

Victus Baseball EquipmentVictus Baseball Equipment

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Victus creates metal baseball bats for all ages with various bat certifications such as USSSA, USA, and BBCOR. Their Nox and Vandal series bats are constructed of the highest quality and are used by all ages from young baseball players to elite college hitters.

Victus wood bats are of the highest quality you will find on the market. Featuring the highest quality wood, it comes as no surprise that these wood bats are swung by several professional baseball players.

Always looking to be innovative and adapt to the game, the newest Victus bats feature the latest technology on the market. Check out some of their new releases to learn more about their latest models.

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Victus does not just make great metal and wood baseball bats. They also have several accessories for the player such as batting gloves, baseball bags, and other items for the baseball player.

Victus Baseball & Softball Equipment FAQs

Is Victus a good brand for baseball equipment?

Victus is made by baseball players, for baseball players at all levels. Their wood baseball bats are some of the highest quality you will find on the market and are valued by several professional and amateur baseball players around the world.

What equipment does Victus sell for baseball?

Victus sells several baseball products including metal baseball bats for all age groups, wood baseball bats, batting gloves, baseball bags, and more.

What is the best BBCOR Victus baseball bat?

The Victus Nox series bats are very high performing and can be used by a baseball player new to the game to the most elite hitters.

What is the best wood Victus baseball bat?

The Victus Pro Reserve line is held to the same quality that their professional baseball players use. These bats are some of the strongest and highest-performing wood bats available.

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