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Easton's all-new Elite X catcher's gear, as seen in the 2018 Little League Baseball World Series, takes fit and performance to a whole new level. The Elite X™ leg guards are available in adult, intermediate and youth sizes.

Measured from the middle of the knee to the anklebone, these leg guards are measured at 14 inches, perfectly sized for a youth baseball player ages 9-12. Exclusive to the Youth model, Easton has included a foot guard that is anatomically sized to cover the top of the catchers’ foot.

The Easton Elite X Youth Baseball Catcher's Leg Guards' wide-set knee design provides a larger surface area in the blocking position and allows for more explosive side-to-side movements. The reinforced knee and thigh connection provides a more secure fit when moving in and out of the catcher’s squat. Equipped with a vented shell design to increase airflow and breathability, and removable inner knee and shin pads that can be adjusted for better fit and player comfort.

Designed for the elite-level youth catcher, the Easton Elite X Youth Baseball Catcher's Leg Guards are one of the most comfortable and secure fitting choices when it comes to catcher’s leg guards on the market today.

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