Mon(k)eyball Ep 3: Enrique Celedon from TRUE Diamond Science

MonkeySports’ Jason Felts addresses the current situation at MonkeySports and the content plan going forward (:50) before he and BaseballMonkey’s Will Shumate interview Enrique Celedon from TRUE Diamond Science (2:39). Enrique discusses his career path and why he ultimately chose to work at TRUE (4:07). He then talks about the TRUE bat-fitting process, and how confident TRUE is that they will be providing players with the right bat for their game (7:32) before referencing the work that MLB superstars like Mark McGwire and Edgar Renteria do for TRUE (13:40). Lastly, Jason ends with a heartfelt thank you to all of our amazing fans and supporters of the MonkeySports content team while emphasizing the MonkeySports content schedule in the coming weeks (20:00). Be sure to use promo code Podcast10 for 10% off your next order at!