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Established in 1946, Franklin has been family owned and operated since its inception while creating products for various sports. Over the years, Franklin has been affiliated with several world-class athletes across baseball, football, boxing, basketball, and more. Franklin’s baseball equipment got its big break in 1982 when they signed Hall of Fame third basemen Mike Schmidt. In the Spring of 1983, Franklin and Schmidt designed the batting glove that is still the preferred batting glove of major league hitters.

Franklin Baseball EquipmentFranklin Baseball Equipment

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Franklin is the industry leader as the premier batting glove company while also creating custom-fitting batting gloves for MLB players. Hall of Fame third basemen Mike Schmidt and Franklin teamed up in 1982 to create a simplistic batting glove specifically for baseball players. This design is still popular today as it is still the preferred batting glove of major league hitters.

Along with elite-level batting gloves, Franklin also creates training equipment to help baseball and softball players. Some training equipment includes batting tees, pitching targets, training baseballs, bat weights, and more.

Franklin always provides quality batting gloves while implementing new colorways and styles. Check out their new batting glove releases to find a pair that suits your style.

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While looking at Franklin for batting gloves and training equipment, you might find other products for baseball and softball players. Franklin also makes tee ball bats, baseball gloves, baseball bags, and MLB-branded kid's baseball gloves.

Franklin Baseball Equipment FAQs

Is Franklin a good brand for baseball equipment?

Franklin is an industry leader for baseball and fastpitch softball batting gloves. Their batting gloves are trusted by several MLB baseball players and some Hall of Fame baseball players.

What equipment does Franklin sell for baseball?

Franklin sells baseball batting gloves, baseball training equipment, baseball bags, tee ball baseball bats, and more.

What is the best Franklin batting glove?

While Franklin has several different batting gloves to suit the player’s needs, their most popular batting glove is the Franklin Custom Pro Classic. This design was made in 1983 with the help of Hall of Fame third basemen Mike Schmidt and it is still very popular in professional baseball today.

What is the best Franklin training equipment?

Franklin has several training equipment products depending on what you are trying to train. Franklin makes batting tees, pitcher’s targets, ball rebounders, and more.

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