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Learn About Baseball Bats

Baseball bats come in various sizes and weights to accommodate all ages and leagues. Since a bat is an essential piece of equipment for all players, picking the right one is crucial. There are plenty of things to consider when choosing your next bat, but some of the important aspects are the age of the player and the league they will be playing in. Starting at the youngest age, T-ball bats are small, light, inexpensive, and made of lower-quality materials because they’re meant to be used in most introductory baseball leagues. Moving up from there, the next categories are coach pitch baseball bats and youth/little league bats. Once a player moves into a select league, they will be restricted to USA or USSSA big barrel bats. Finally, in high school and college, BBCOR baseball bats are used exclusively. Except for wooden bats, all metal baseball bats are made of aluminum and vary in their materials and measurements.

Some of the most popular brands of bats include Marucci, Rawlings, Easton, AXE, Stringking, Victus, and Warstic. Different leagues will often have different standards for the composition and length-to-weight difference or drop. Be sure to check league requirements before buying a new bat. Adult and some senior leagues may require bats to have no more than a -3 drop, whereas lower leagues allow for greater drops. Wood baseball bats usually appear in adult and pro leagues and don’t go below -3 drops.

How to Choose the Right Baseball Bat for You

When choosing the right baseball bat for you, consider a few important things. Most importantly, picking the right length and weight is vital. Most of this comes down to personal preference, but there might be some limitations based on your league and age rules. There are many methods for finding the right size bat. For example, start by extending your arm horizontally so it’s parallel to the ground. Measure from the center of your chest to the end of your fingertips. Use this measurement to start finding the proper baseball bat length. This concept can sound confusing, but we won’t leave you guessing. Check out our complete buying guide to determine the right length and weight for you.

Baseball Bat Sizing Chart

Under 60 lbs27"28"29"29"29"29"29"29"29"
61 - 70 lbs27"28"29"30"30"30"30"30"30"
71 - 80 lbs28"28"29"30"30"31"31"31"31"
81 - 90 lbs28"29"29"30"30"31"31"31"31"
91 - 100 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"31"31"31"
101 - 110 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"32"32"32"
111 - 120 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"32"32"32"
121 - 130 lbs30"30"30"31"31"32"32"33"
131 - 140 lbs30"30"30"31"31"32"32"33"
141 - 150 lbs30"30"31"31"32"33"33"33"
151 - 160 lbs30"31"31"31"32"33"33"34"
161 - 170 lbs30"31"31"32"33"33"34"34"
171 - 180 lbs31"32"32"33"34"34"
Over 180 lbs33"33"34"34"34"

Baseball Bat FAQs

What baseball bats are illegal?

Each governing body of tournaments and leagues has a list of bats they deem as illegal. These might be older bats that no longer meet modern safety standards, or new bats that overperform performance metrics. Check with your specific league or organization on their rules and banned bats.

What is the best bat for baseball?

Check out Marucci, Rawlings, Easton, AXE, Stringking, Victus, and Warstic. These are our biggest brands for bats and offer bats across all levels and rule sets.

What Is bat drop?

Bat drop is the term that refers to the difference between the length of the bat (in inches) and the weight of the bat (in ounces). It is always shown as a minus number and the higher the weight drop, the lighter the bat. For example, a 30” bat with a Weight of 25 oz has a drop of -5.

What is the best material for a bat?

There are three main materials for baseball bats; Wood, Aluminum, and Composite. Wood bats can be made from a few different types of wood. To view our wood bat buying guide, click here. The most common material is aluminum and composite. These are normally preferred for their durability and better performance. To read more about the differences in material type, click here.

Do baseball bats lose their pop?

Bats will lose their pop after prolonged use. The symptoms will be different depending on the material the bat is made from. Composite bats can develop cracks, which can negatively affect their performance. Aluminum bats can develop small dents which reduce their performance. When determining if your bat has lost its pop, pay attention to the surface for cracks, how it sounds when you hit the ball, how it feels in your hands on contact, and the fight of the ball after contact. If you notice any irregularities, your bat might have lost its pop.

What baseball bats are illegal?

There are a handful of older bats that have been deemed illegal by different leagues across the country. We would suggest checking with your specific league or organization on their rules and banned bats.

What is the best bat for baseball?

We would suggest checking out DeMarini, Marucci, Easton, or Louisville Slugger for your next bat. These are three of our biggest brands for bats and offer bats across all levels and rule sets.

What size of baseball bat do I need?

Your bat choice depends on multiple different factors. This can range from player height, playstyle, and age group. Check out our full Bat Sizing Chart article for more information.

Do baseball bats lose their pop?

Unfortunately yes, bats will lose their pop after prolonged use. This is the result of constant impacts between two fast moving hard objects.

Baseball Bat Buying Guide


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