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Learn About BBCOR Baseball Bats

BBCOR, or "Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution," is the standard for high school and college-level baseball bats, as set by the National Federation of State High School Associations and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Bats meeting this standard are marked with the "BBCOR.50" logo. The testing process involves firing baseballs from a cannon at specified points on the bat barrel. The change in the ball's speed before and after impact determines the ratio, which must not exceed .50 across all areas of the barrel for the bat to be BBCOR-approved. The bat must have a barrel diameter no greater than 2 ⅝”, a length-to-weight ratio no greater than -3, and a length that does not exceed 36. There are multiple types of BBCOR bats from a variety of different brands. They come in both aluminum and composite materials and can be had in a one-piece or two-piece design. To see our list of BBCOR bats click here.

How to Choose the Right BBCOR Baseball Bat for You

Since BBCOR limits you to a -3 there is no flexibility with weight. However, you can still select the length, material, and construction. Consult our complete baseball bat buying guide for choosing the right bat length. Next, choose a material for your BBCOR bat. You can select either an aluminum or composite bat in either one-piece or two-piece construction. One-piece bats have a stiffer feel at contact, and provide more energy transfer, but do transfer more vibrations to the hands. On the other hand, two-piece bats have a bit of flex giving you more whip on contact, normally have a bigger barrel, and dampen vibrations to the hands. Weigh the pros and cons of each and select the one that is best for your playing style.

BBCOR Baseball Bat Sizing Chart

BBCOR bats must have an official stamp indicating they meet designated standards. On average, high school and college players can use adult baseball bat sizes between 31 inches and 34 inches in length that weigh somewhere between 29 ounces to 31 ounces.

Age/Player Size14+
Small31/28 - 32/29
Medium32/29 - 33/30
Large33/30 - 34/31

BBCOR Baseball Bats FAQs

What are BBCOR bat drop rules?

The bat must have a barrel diameter no greater than 2 ⅝”, a length-to-weight ratio no greater than -3, and a length that does not exceed 36.

At what age do you switch to BBCOR?

Using a BBCOR bat is a requirement in high school so if you are planning on playing high school baseball, you will need to switch to a BBCOR bat. For this reason, many players try and match the switch before high school to get accustomed to the heavier bat. This normally occurs when players are around 13-14 years old.

Can you use a BBCOR bat in USA baseball?

In USA baseball, the bat rules change as you advance in age. When playing in 12u and younger you can only use bats that are USA-certified. In 13U and 14U, you can use BBCOR and USA-certified bats. However, once you get to 15U, you are restricted to using only BBCOR bats in USA baseball.

Can you use BBCOR in college?

Yes, according to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, all bats used must meet the BBCOR standard and display the “BBCOR.50” logo.

How many hits does it take to break in a BBCOR bat?

For aluminum BBCOR bats, they are ready to go as soon as you take the plastic wrapper off. Some might see an increase in pop as time goes on, but they do not need a specific break-in time. On the other hand, composite BBCOR bats do need to be broken in. Depending on the manufacturer, this process can take 150-300 swings. The break-in process consists of a progression from tee to live pitching, rotating the bat a quarter turn after each hit. To view our complete baseball bat break-in guide, click here.

BBCOR Baseball Bats Buying Guide

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