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Learn About Fastpitch Softball Bats

Fastpitch softball bats are specifically designed for the unique demands of fastpitch softball, which is a variant of the sport played with a larger ball and at a faster pace compared to slow-pitch softball. These bats are distinct from other softball bats in several ways. Fastpitch bats are typically lighter in weight, have a smaller barrel diameter, and are engineered with features to maximize bat speed and generate power in a fast, compact swing. They are designed to suit the faster pitch speeds and quick reactions required in fastpitch softball, and they often feature advanced technologies and materials to enhance a player's performance at the plate.Fastpitch softball bats come in a variety of length-to-weight ratios (or drops) and materials, and their defining characteristic is their elongated barrel, which measures 2 inches in diameter. Fastpitch softball bats are made from composite, alloy (aluminum), or a blend of the two, which is also known as half-and-half. They can come as one- or two-piece bats.

How to Choose the Right Fastpitch Softball Bat for You

Selecting the right softball bat involves a few critical considerations. Begin by ensuring you choose the appropriate length and weight, consulting our Fastpitch softball bat guide for guidance. Once you've established the length and weight, focus on the swing feel that suits your preferences. Fastpitch softball bats generally fall into two categories: balanced and end-loaded. Opt for the one that feels most comfortable for your style of play.You'll need to decide on a material for your bat. You have the option of aluminum or composite bats, available in one-piece or two-piece constructions. One-piece bats deliver a firmer feel on contact and greater energy transfer but can transmit more vibrations to the hands. In contrast, two-piece bats offer some flex, allowing for more whip on contact and effectively reducing vibrations.There are also single-walled and double-walled fastpitch bats, each offering distinct advantages. Lastly, take into account the guidelines of the league you're playing in, whether they adhere to USA, USSSA, NSA, or ISA bat standards. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each aspect and select the option that best suits your playing style.

Fastpitch Softball Bat Sizing Chart

Weight/Height3'5" - 3'8"3'9" - 4'0"4'1" - 4'4"4'5" - 4'8"
Under 60 lbs27"28"29"29"
61 - 70 lbs27"28"29"30"
71 - 80 lbs28"28"29"30"
81 - 90 lbs28"29"29"30"
91 - 100 lbs29"29"30"30"
101 - 110 lbs29"29"30"30"
111 - 120 lbs29"29"30"30"
121 - 130 lbs 30"30"30"
131 - 140 lbs 30"30"31"
141 - 150 lbs 30"31"31"
151 - 160 lbs 30"31"31"
161 - 170 lbs  31"31"
171 - 180 lbs  31"31"
Over 180 lbs  33"33"

Fastpitch Softball Bats FAQ

What are fastpitch bat drop rules?

Depending on the league you are playing in, there might be different bat drop rules. Consult your league or organization’s rules to learn their bat guidelines. For the most part, fastpitch bats range from -8 to -13. In high school and college, fastpitch bats are limited to -8 through -10. However, at the younger ages, this opens up to include -12.

How do you know if a fastpitch softball bat fits you?

Ultimately it comes down to comfort. Do you feel comfortable and confident using the bat in the game? A properly fitting fastpitch softball bat should feel comfortable to swing, with a manageable weight and an appropriate length that allows for control and power. It should also comply with league regulations and suit your individual preferences.

What do the numbers mean on a fastpitch softball bat?

The number that is displayed on the fastpitch softball bat normally has a minus sign such as -10. This refers to the drop. Bat drop is the term that refers to the difference between the length of the bat (in inches) and the weight of the bat (in ounces). It is always shown as a minus number and the higher the weight drop, the lighter the bat. For example, a 30” bat with a weight of 20 oz has a drop of -10.

Do fastpitch bats need to be broken in?

Bats that are 100% alloy or with an alloy barrel are game-ready right out of the wrapper and will not require a break-in period. Composite bats, on the other hand, require a break-in period of approximately 150-200 swings. To ensure the bat has an even break-in, it’s important to rotate the barrel a quarter turn after each swing. It is best to progress from tee to soft toss to live pitching as you work through the break-in period.

Can you hit a baseball with a fastpitch bat?

You should not and cannot use a softball bat for baseball because a bat is crafted specifically for the sport it will be used in. Fastpitch softball bats also are constructed differently in terms of weight distribution. This causes softball bats to break more frequently, especially if used with a ball (such as a baseball) that the bat was not designed to hit.

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