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Learn About Softball Bats

Softball bats come in various lengths and weights, just like baseball bats, to accommodate every hitter. There are three main types of softball bats: slow pitch, fastpitch, and youth. The first thing to determine when deciding which softball bat to pick is what type of league you’ll be playing in.Slow pitch softball is currently growing in popularity among adult men and women, but it’s also practiced in youth leagues for young girls. Naturally, an adult playing slow pitch softball is going to need a very different bat than a young girl just starting. Fastpitch softball is the most common, and it’s played at the high school and collegiate levels as well as in some youth leagues.You’ll find many of the same brands when searching for a softball bat that you would when looking for a baseball bat, such as Mizuno and Rawlings. Similarly, softball bats are made with various compositions and materials. It’s important to take these into account when choosing the right bat.

How to Choose the Right Softball Bat for You

When selecting your next softball bat, consider a few important things. First, decide if you need a fastpitch or slowpitch softball bat. Even though these might appear similar, there are important differences that make each bat tailored to the two different sports. Next, it is important to consider the length and weight. When choosing the right length, consult our fastpitch softball bat guide and our slowpitch softball bat guide to ensure you get a bat that is the right length. Once you decide on the length and weight, select a swing feel that you prefer. For the most part, softball bats can be divided into balanced and end-loaded categories. Try and pick the one that feels best for you and your playing preferences. Additionally, you will need to choose a material for your bat. You can select either an aluminum or composite bat in either one-piece or two-piece construction. One-piece bats have a stiffer feel at contact, and provide more energy transfer, but do transfer more vibrations to the hands. On the other hand, two-piece bats have a bit of flex giving you more whip on contact and dampening vibrations to the hands. Finally, consider the rules of the league you are playing in. Do they follow USA, USSSA, NSA, or ISA guidelines for bats? Weigh the pros and cons of each and select the one that is best for your playing style.

Fastpitch Softball Bat Sizing Chart

Weight/Height3'5" - 3'8"3'9" - 4'0"4'1" - 4'4"4'5" - 4'8"
Under 60 lbs27"28"29"29"
61 - 70 lbs27"28"29"30"
71 - 80 lbs28"28"29"30"
81 - 90 lbs28"29"29"30"
91 - 100 lbs29"29"30"30"
101 - 110 lbs29"29"30"30"
111 - 120 lbs29"29"30"30"
121 - 130 lbs 30"30"30"
131 - 140 lbs 30"30"31"
141 - 150 lbs 30"31"31"
151 - 160 lbs 30"31"31"
161 - 170 lbs  31"31"
171 - 180 lbs  31"31"
Over 180 lbs  33"33"

Slowpitch Softball Bat Sizing Chart


Softball Bats FAQ

What are softball bat drop rules?

Depending on the league you are playing in, there might be different bat drop rules. Consult your league or organization’s rules to learn their bat guidelines.

How do you know if a softball bat fits you?

Ultimately it comes down to comfort. Do you feel comfortable and confident using the bat in the game? A properly fitting softball bat should feel comfortable to swing, with a manageable weight and an appropriate length that allows for control and power. It should also comply with league regulations and suit your individual preferences.

How can you tell if a softball bat is a slow pitch?

Slowpitch bats are typically heavier than Fastpitch bats. Slowpitch bats also have a larger barrel diameter, usually 2 ¼ inches, to provide a larger hitting surface. Finally, all slowpitch bats will say “slow pitch only” by the certification stamp.

How do you know if a softball bat is too heavy?

A softball bat is too heavy if it slows down your swing speed significantly, causing you to struggle with generating power or control. Signs include difficulty catching up with fast pitches and frequent fatigue after a few swings.

What is a max load softball bat?

A maxloaded bat is very similar to an endloaded one, except that there is more weight at the end. This type of bat should only be used by stronger players who have no problems controlling their swing.

How do you break in a softball bat fast?

Bats that are 100% alloy or with an alloy barrel are game-ready right out of the wrapper and will not require a break-in period. Composite bats, on the other hand, require a break-in period of approximately 150-200 swings. To ensure the bat has an even break-in, it’s important to rotate the barrel a quarter turn after each swing. It is best to progress from tee to soft toss to live pitching as you work through the break-in period.

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