Mon(k)eyball Podcast Ep 2: Tanner Carson

MonkeySport’s Jason Felts and BaseballMonkey’s Will Shumate sit down with social media baseball influencer, Tanner Carson (Raised_In_Baseball) to discuss baseball, social media and more! Prior to the interview with Tanner, Jason and Will discuss how MLB constricts the use of their content by users on certain social media platforms, and how they think this affects the fanbase of baseball (1:15). Tanner then introduces himself and gives a little background on when he started playing baseball and some of his favorite aspects of the game (6:30). They then discuss how Tanner believes social media has helped him grow as a baseball player, and what he thinks having a presence on social media can do for all baseball players when trying to get scouted and progress within the game (18:25). This episode concludes with Tanner discussing his short term and long-term baseball goals, and gives a little insight on how he hopes to achieve those goals (24:10).