Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves: Top Men’s Softball Glove Reviews

Slowpitch softball gloves are very similar to fastpitch softball gloves in size, but typically are constructed with slightly lower quality leathers. This is just to ensure quick break in times to adults in slowpitch leagues who only play once or twice a week. Some slowpitch gloves can sometimes be even longer and have even deeper pockets than fastpitch gloves. Below we will review the 10 best slowpitch softball gloves based on overall quality, performance, style, durability and functionality.


Mizuno’s MVP Prime Slowpitch Softball Glove is one of the top choices amongst slowpitch softball players. This 12.5” glove features uses game-ready, full-grain Bio Soft leather to provide added durability to the glove. Along with this, Mizuno has incorporated softball-specific center pocket design patterns to offer a versatile break-in process. 

Key Features:

  • Full-grain Bio Soft leather for added durability
  • Softball-specific center pocket design patter to offer a versatile break-in process
  • Professional leather laces that are the same Mizuno uses on their pro model gloves
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Another great Mizuno Slowpitch Softball Glove is the MVP Prime 13”. This glove features Bio Soft Leather which is a professional style smooth leather that balances softness and firmness for the perfect control that players love. The center pocket on the MVP Prime 13” includes a softball-specific design that centers the pocket under the index finger for a versatile break-in process. 

Key Features:

  • PlusGrip Thumb is a padded thumb slot for comfort
  • Professional Level Lace is the same durable laces used on Mizuno’s pro models
  • Bio Soft Leather is a premium leather that is extremely durable
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Mizuno’s MVP Prime 12.5” Slowpitch Softball Glove is a pro-style glove that is perfect for the player looking to add a little style to their gear. Bio Soft Leather is a smooth, professional style leather that features great durability. Mizuno has included their patent-pending Heel Flex Technology to this glove as well, giving the glove more a more flexible and forgiving heel for ultimate feel and performance. 

Key Features:

  • Center Pocket Designed Patterns centers the pocket under the index finger
  • Strong Edge Design creates more stability in the thumb and pinky
  • Professional Leather Lace adds durability and helps maintain glove shape
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A more affordable, but extremely durable glove is the Mizuno MVP 12.5” Adult Slowpitch Softball Glove. This glove features Bio Throwback Leather which is a pebbled leather surface that provides game-ready performance and durability. Mizuno has also included their durable Professional Level Lace, which is the same lace that’s offered on their professional level gloves. 

Key Features:

  • UltraSoft Palm Liner provides an excellent feel and soft finish
  • Bio Throwback Leather is a pebbled texture that provides a game-ready feel
  • Professional Leather Lace is the same lace that’s offered on Mizuno’s pro-level gloves
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Slowpitch Softball Glove Questions

Looking to buy a new slowpitch softball glove, or having trouble trying to figure out the difference between them and fastpitch or baseball gloves? Below we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to all things slowpitch softball gloves.

Softball Gloves vs. Baseball Gloves

The actual length of softball gloves tends to be fairly similar to that of baseball gloves. The main difference between the two gloves are the size of the pocket. Baseballs are 9-inches and softballs are 11-12-inches, therefore, the pocket of softball gloves are going to be bigger and deeper than that of a baseball glove.

Slowpitch Gloves vs. Fastpitch Gloves

Softball gloves in general are designed to with a bigger, deeper web to catch bigger sized softballs. However, in slowpitch softball gloves, the pockets tend to be even deeper as there are usually more fly balls hit in a slowpitch game. Fastpitch softball gloves will usually have a shallower pocket and web to help with a faster paced game where making quick transfers is necessary.

What size softball glove should I get?

Most of the time, infielders will use a glove that ranges anywhere between 11.5 – 12.5-inches. Outfielders on the other hand will use glove sizes that typically range between 12.5 – 15-inches. For a much more in-depth guide to choosing the right size glove for you, check out our baseball and softball glove buying guide!

Can you use baseball gloves for softball?

It is not recommended to use baseball gloves for softball. Softball gloves are designed with a bigger, deeper pocket to handle the larger sized softballs. You may be okay with a 12.5-inch baseball glove, as it will have a longer web, but you still may run into issues catching a softball securely in the pocket.

Can you use a slow pitch glove for fastpitch?

Fastpitch balls are smaller than most slowpitch balls, so you would have no issue catching them with your slowpitch glove. However, fastpitch gloves tend to have higher quality leather due to higher frequency of games played on average, so it is possible a slowpitch glove would not very long if it were used in many fastpitch games.