Mon(k)eyball Podcast Ep 4: The Baseballogist

MonkeySports’ Jason Felts, BaseballMonkey’s Will Shumate, and guest host Hank Likes from LacrosseMonkey discuss the MLB’s plan to return to action for the 2020 season (3:14), as well as the Korean Baseball Organization’s return to baseball already (9:31). Then the “first professional baseball fan”, the Baseballogist, joins the show to talk about what a “professional baseball fan” actually is (12:11), what the game needs to bring it back into American culture (15:10). The Baseballogist talks about the legacy he wants to leave on the game (23:55) and the three things he wants to help bring into the game and make it more enjoyable for the casual fan (30:32). Lastly, Jason, Hank, and the Baseballogist talk about his new podcast, the Baseballogy Show, and how he wants to continue to have his voice be heard around the baseball community (39:53). Be sure to use promo code Podcast10 for 10% off your entire order at!