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Learn About Catcher’s Gloves and Mitts

Catcher's gloves, also known as mitts are the most specialized gloves on the baseball field. They differ from regular fielder’s gloves in several ways. For example, they are measured by their circumference, whereas all other gloves are measured by length. A catcher's glove is typically 31 to 34 inches. For sizing information, view our Baseball Glove Size Guide. Catcher's gloves are also heavily padded, especially on the thumb and palm area to absorb the impact of high-velocity pitches and protect the catcher's hand during the game. They also have closed webbing with a deep pocket to ensure the ball stays secure at all times. Due to all the materials, catcher’s mitts are the heaviest glove on the field. They are made from high-quality leather to provide exceptional durability and comfort. To view our complete selection of catcher’s gloves, click here.

How to Choose the Right Catcher’s Glove for You

The process for selecting the right catcher’s mitt is a bit different than other baseball gloves. Catcher’s mitts do not come in many web variations, therefore the type of leather and size are what you need to decide between. Sizing is important as the mitt needs to protect the hand from injury. Due to the repeated impact of pitches, a mitt that is too loose might cause injury to the wrist, while a mitt that is too tight can cause harm to the fingers. Consult the Catcher's Mitt Sizing Guide for more information. The quality of leather is important to consider as well. Catcher’s mitts undergo the most use of any gloves during a season, so investing in a mitt with a more durable higher quality leather is something important to take into consideration. Finally, consider the difference between brands. Each brand’s mitts have a certain set of characteristics. Find the one that best matches your requirements for your next catcher’s glove. You can view our selection of catcher’s mitts here.

Catcher’s Glove Size Chart

AgeLength (Inches)
Under 729.5 - 30"
8 - 1030 - 31"
11 - 1330 - 34.5"
14 +32 - 34.5"

Catcher’s Gloves and Mitts FAQs

Can a catcher use a regular glove?

Using a regular glove as a catcher is not a safe practice. Regular gloves are not designed to handle the demands of the catcher position. Catcher’s mitts are large and padded to protect the hand from the impact of pitches.

Is there a difference between a softball and a baseball catcher’s glove?

While similar in shape, softball catcher’s mitts have a larger pocket to accommodate the larger size softball.

What is the difference between a catcher’s mitt and fielding gloves?

The easiest way to think of the difference between a glove and a mitt is that a mitt has two holes, one for your thumb and one for your other four fingers. A glove will have five individual holes, or finger slots, for all five of your fingers. This is why what both first basemen and catchers wear is called a “mitt”.

Why do catchers wear a glove under their gloves?

Some catchers wear a batting glove or other catching-specific accessory under their mitt for added protection. A batting glove or thumb guard helps protect the hand from the repeated impact of high-velocity pitches.

Can catchers use a first-base mitt?

Using a first base mitt as a catcher is not a safe practice. First base mitts are not designed to handle the demands of the catcher position. Catcher’s mitts are large and padded on the thumb and palm to protect the hand from the impact of pitches.

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