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Learn About Baseball Gloves

Baseball gloves are an essential piece of gear every ballplayer needs. Also called baseball mitts, gloves come in various sizes and styles depending on age, hand size, and position. Infield gloves are shorter to allow fielders to transfer balls quickly to their throwing hand, whereas outfield gloves are longer to create a bigger pocket to catch fly balls with. Pitcher’s gloves are similar to infield gloves but have a closed web to hide the baseball from the batter. Catcher’s mitts have heavy padding on thumbs and palms to cushion hands against hard-thrown pitches. They also have a deep pocket to keep the ball secure in the glove. A first baseman’s mitt is long and wide to create a big web to help fielders scoop up low throws. No matter which type of glove suits your needs, choose youth or adult baseball gloves from brands like Rawlings, Marucci, Mizuno, and Nokona. You can find out the complete selection of gloves here.

How to Choose the Right Baseball Glove for You

Consider the position you will need the glove for. In baseball, different positions require different glove designs as each is designed specifically to perform best at one position. Next, consider the size as it should feel comfortable while providing a secure fit. For more information on glove sizing, consult our Baseball Glove Size Guide. Select the material you would like as gloves are made from various leathers. The material can affect the durability, performance, and break-in process. Finally, consider your budget. BaseballMonkey offers a wide range of gloves for any price point. You can find our complete selection of gloves here.

Baseball Glove Size Chart

AgeCatcherFirst BaseSecond Base/ Short StopThird BasePitcherOutfield
Under 729.5 - 30"11.5"8 - 10.5"8 - 10.5"8 - 10.5"9 - 10.5"
8 - 1030 - 31"11.5 - 12"10.5 - 11.25"10.5 - 11.5"10.5 - 11.5"10 - 12"
11 - 1330 - 32.5"11.5 - 12"11 - 11.5"11 - 11.75"11.5 - 12"11.75 - 12.75"
Over 1432 - 34.5"12 - 13"11.25 - 11.5"11.5 - 12"11.5 - 12"12 - 13"

Baseball Gloves and Mitts FAQs

What are good baseball gloves made of?

Most high-end baseball gloves are made out of steer hide leather. Kip leather is thought of as the highest-quality baseball glove leather. Some companies even offer specialty leathers such as Nokona’s Kangaroo leather.

What type of baseball glove is best?

This depends entirely on the player's position and style preference. We offer a wide variety of brands and gloves. The best glove is one that fits you and makes you feel confident on the field! You can find our complete selection of gloves here.

What are the best cheap baseball gloves?

We have a large selection of clearance and close-out gloves on our site. Check out our full selection of Clearance Baseball Gloves & Mitts here.

What are the gloves called in baseball?

Gloves fall under a category based on their position. These are Infield Gloves, Outfield Gloves, First Baseman Mitts, and Catcher’s Mitts.

What gloves do MLB players use?

Often, glove manufacturers will sell the same glove model used by your favorite MLB player! We offer multiple different pro replica gloves so you can use the same glove as your favorite player.

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