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Learn About First Base Baseball Gloves

First base baseball gloves, also known as first baseman's mitts, are specially designed to meet the specific needs of players at the first base position. First basemen often have to scoop low throws in the dirt from other infielders, so these gloves are designed with features to help keep the ball secure.Unlike a conventional infielder’s glove, a first baseman's mitt features a continuous round edge to improve the chances of scooping balls thrown in the dirt. This rounded edge serves as a funnel, guiding any off-target throws directly into the glove's webbing. First-base mitts have the deepest webbing of any glove on the field. Normally a single post or H-web, the deep web allows the player to control the ball when scooping and catching. Finally, these mitts have extra padding to protect the hand from the sting of hard-thrown balls. To view our complete collection of first-base mitts, click here.

How to Choose the Right First Base Baseball Glove for You

When selecting a first base mitt, selecting the right size is vital. You can consult our sizing guide here for more information. First base gloves range in size from 12 to 13 inches. Be sure to get the size that best suits you as a glove that is too big will be difficult to control. First base gloves normally come in two different web designs, a single post or the H-Web. Select the one that you prefer. Next, consider the brand and material you desire for your mitt. First base mitts come in all types of leather, so select one that matches your requirements. We carry a large variety of first-base mitts, you can explore the complete list here.

First Base Baseball Glove Size Chart

AgeCatcherFirst BaseSecond Base/ Short StopThird BasePitcherOutfield
Under 729.5 - 30"11.5"8 - 10.5"8 - 10.5"8 - 10.5"9 - 10.5"
8-1030 - 31"11.5 - 12"10.5 - 11.25"10.5 - 11.5"10.5 - 11.5"10 - 12"
11 - 1330 - 32.5"11.5 - 12"11 - 11.5"11 - 11.75"11.5 - 12"11.75 - 12.75"
Over 1432 - 34.5"12 - 13"11.25 - 11.5"11.5 - 12"11.5 - 12"12 - 13"

First Base Gloves FAQs

Can you use a regular glove at first base?

Yes, but it is not preferred. First base mitts are specially designed to the demands of the position. Their shape, size, and webbing make scooping low throws much easier.

Why does first base have a special glove?

The first base mitt is tailored to the actions specific to the first basemen. It helps them scoop low throws and has a deep pocket to keep the ball secure. It also has extra padding for hard throws.

How do you break in a first base glove fast?

The best way to break in a glove is to use it! Check out our glove break-in guide for more information.

Can you use a first baseman glove in the infield?

While it is possible, it is not advised. The attributes that give the first base mitt an advantage at first base will become a disadvantage elsewhere in the infield.

First Base Baseball Gloves Buying Guides

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