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Youth Baseball Gloves

Learn About Youth Gloves

Youth baseball gloves closely resemble adult baseball gloves, except for the size and materials they’re made of. Kids’ baseball gloves are smaller to accommodate little hands, and they’re made with lighter materials like synthetics or pigskin. These mitts are easier for kids to open and close and require little or no break-in time.

While youth baseball mitts tend to be of lesser quality and won’t last as long, they’re relatively inexpensive and really don’t need to last very long, since young players will most often outgrow them long before they wear them out. Youth baseball mitts, especially for players just starting to learn the game, don’t always have specific positions associated with them the way adult gloves do.

When you’re choosing from brands like Mizuno, Rawlings, Wilson, Easton, Louisville Slugger, Marucci, Nike, Franklin, Nokona, Worth, and All-Star, it’s easy to find the perfect glove for your little player. Unless playing a specialty position like catcher or first base, just focus on finding a glove that fits and feels good, as that will help young players learn the game.

How do you size a youth baseball glove?

You can generally size a baseball glove based on your age and positional needs. To see our full glove sizing breakdown, check out our Baseball Glove Sizing Guide article.

What is a good youth baseball glove?

Many high level or pro replica gloves have youth or junior versions. These are typically easier to close and take less time to break in. They also will have an adjustable back strap that can be used for easier fitting.

What size baseball glove does a youth player need?

Baseball glove sizing depends on many factors such as position, age, and style of play. For more information on finding the right glove check out our Baseball Glove Sizing Guide article.

Youth Gloves Buying Guides

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