2019 MLB Postseason Divisional Series Highlights

The field has been set for the 2019 League Championship Series. In the National League you have the St. Louis Cardinals facing off against the Washington Nationals. On the other side of the bracket, in the American league, the New York Yankees will be going up against the Houston Astros, the final team to clinch their spot in the LCS.

Both the ALDS and NLDS had their fair share of highlights which included amazing plays, crushed home runs, and somewhat unexpected series comebacks by certain teams. Below I have included some highlight videos from each of the four divisional series and will wrap things up by giving my take on what I expect to happen in the League Championship series. Enjoy!

NLDS – Braves vs Cardinals

NLDS – Dodgers vs Nationals

ALDS – Twins vs Yankess

ALDS – Astros vs Rays

ALCS and NLCS Predictions

What an exciting first round! So many comebacks, huge moments, and overall great baseball. Now, lets get on to the predictions.

While I definitely would have preferred seeing a Braves/Dodgers NLCS, the Cardinals/Nationals should be an okay series. Behind the arms of Scherzer, Strasburg and Corbin I believe the Nats will take it and advance to the World Series, in maybe 5 or 6 games.

On the other hand, I am extremely excited for an Astros/Yanks ALCS. Talk about great pitching and powerhouse bats. We’re in for a treat with this series. Who will advance to the World Series, though? It’s gotta be the Astros. While I think it will go the distance and the winner will be decided in an intense game 7, I believe the Astros have the starting pitching and the timely hitting to edge out the Yanks.

Those are my predictions, what are yours? Let us know in the comments below!


This article was originally published on October 10, 2019, and has been updated with new information.