The Best Fastpitch Softball Cleats for 2022

Looking for the best softball cleats for your game? We know you have an endless choice of brands and models to choose from, and while choices are generally a good thing, they can also make things a little overwhelming. In order to help you narrow down which new softball cleats you should be looking at, we're breaking down some of the different styles and options available. We’ll also give you all the information you need to choose the best women's softball cleats for your unique softball needs.

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In this article, we’ll cover:


  • List of the Best Fastpitch Softball Cleats
  • Types of Softball Cleats
  • Factors to Consider for Softball Cleats

Best Softball Cleats by Category

List of the Best Fastpitch Softball Cleats

1. New Balance Fresh Foam Velo v2 VIP Women's Low Metal Fastpitch Softball Cleats  

Type: Metal

Style: Low

Overview: With a Fresh Foam insole and a synthetic upper, the New Balance Fresh Foam Velo v2 VIP low metal fastpitch softball cleats are designed for comfort, flexibility and performance. The entire shoe is built to flex based on real data for optimal performance and reaction diffusions. New Balance engineered this shoe specifically for a woman's foot to offer a more tailored fit.

Key Features:

  • Metal spike outsole for traction on natural surfaces
  • One-piece synthetic perforated upper
  • Lace cage on tongue
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2. Mizuno 9-Spike Swift 6 Women's Low Metal Fastpitch Softball Cleats

Type: Metal

Style: Low

Overview: The Mizuno 9-Spike Swift 6 metal fastpitch softball cleat is designed for both traction and comfort. The Mizuno Wave structure relieves shocks and pressure on the ankles and feet when sprinting, standing at the plate or preparing to slide. With nine metal spikes, the outsole provides solid traction on natural grass and dirt infields, wet or dry.

Key Features:

  • Padded "Booty" tongue for snugness
  • Heel-to-toe cushioned midsole
  • Strategically placed metal spikes for traction and movement
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3. New Balance Fresh Foam Velo v2 Women's Low Metal Fastpitch Softball Cleats

Type: Metal

Style: Low

Overview: Designed for a lighter feel, the New Balance Fresh Foam Velo v2 fastpitch softball cleats have a midsole that offers long-lasting comfort, even for extended games and long practices. The pattern of the metal studs on the outsole is crafted for more control and flexibility on natural grass surfaces and offers enhanced traction whether the field is wet or dry.

Key Features: 

  • Fresh Foam midsole
  • Perforated upper for increased airflow
  • Metal-spiked outsole
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4. New Balance Fresh Foam Velo v2 Women's Low Molded TPU Fastpitch Softball Cleats 

Type: Molded

Style: Low

Overview: With a molded outsole and TPU spikes, the New Balance Fresh Foam Velo v2 cleats give players ultimate traction on artificial turf as well as grass and dirt. A perforated upper provides increased air flow and the Fresh Foam midsole offers long-term comfort. Combining lightweight with a flexible outsole, these cleats are designed for control, maneuverability and a snug fit.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Fresh Foam midsole
  • TPU-molded outsole
  • Perforated upper shoe
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5. Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Sweep 3 Women's Low Cut Metal Fastpitch Cleats

Type: Metal

Style: Low

Overview: Mizuno designed their 9-Spike Advanced Sweep 3 cleats with parallel Mizuno Wave engineering to provide cushioning and enhanced stability. The full-length midsole offers maximum comfort while remaining flexible, and the outsole has been crafted for fastpitch softball play and superb traction on natural grass surfaces.

Key Features:

  • 9-spike outsole designed for fastpitch
  • Built-in toe protector
  • Mizuno Wave plate to reduce pressure on feet and ankles
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6. New Balance SM4040v1 Women's Low Cut Metal Fastpitch Softball Cleats 

Type: Metal

Style: Low

Overview: The New Balance SM4040v1 low-cut metal fastpitch softball cleats were created to provide a lightweight and comfortable fit while remaining durable and flexible. The REVLite midsole gives a superior fit over previous models, and the upper shoe is flexible enough to react to any movements on the softball field.

Key Features:

  • Debris-free tongue keeps dirt and grass from entering the shoe
  • Toe Protect improves durability
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7. New Balance SM4040 LE White/Pink Women's Low Metal Softball Cleat 

Type: Metal

Style: Low

Overview: With REVlite cushioning in the midsole, the New Balance SM4040 LE White/Pink women's softball cleat offers a lightweight feel when maneuvering anywhere on the softball diamond. Designed for fastpitch softball, the 8-spikes of the flexible outsole are placed for optimal traction on grass, dirt and even in wet conditions.  

Key Features:

  • Toe Protect covers the front of the shoe
  • Debris free tongue
  • Lightweight REVlite midsole
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Types of Softball Cleats

Choosing the right pair of fastpitch softball cleats can have a big impact not just on your performance, but also when it comes to your comfort levels. There are a few different types of cleats available, so it's best to understand which one is ideal for your style of play. It's also important to consider factors such as age, league rules and your skill level.

Metal Softball Cleats (Adults)

Metal cleats are designed to dig into natural surfaces such as grass and dirt. They are only for use on natural grass due to the damage they may cause to turf. They’re generally banned from use in youth and casual leagues. 

Molded Softball Cleats (Adults)

Molded softball cleats are made from thermoplastic materials and can be used on both artificial turf and natural playing surfaces. They’re commonly used in youth softball leagues where metal cleats are prohibited. Many softball players prefer the lighter weight of molded cleats.

Turf Softball Cleats

Players who only play on turf or who participate in off-field training on artificial surfaces may prefer turf cleats. The spikes on turf softball cleats are much shorter and only designed for use on artificial turf surfaces.

High-Top Softball Cleats

High-top softball cleats have a higher back that extends up over the ankle. They’re the best if you’re looking for women’s softball cleats with ankle support. While high-top cleats offer more support, they can be heavier than a low-cut cleat.

Mid-Cut Softball Cleats

In between a high-top and standard low-top softball cleat comes the mid-cut softball cleat. These offer extra ankle support when compared to a low-cut cleat, but aren’t as restrictive as the best high-top softball cleats.

Low-Top Softball Cleats

Low-top softball cleats are the standard fastpitch cleat. They are the lightest of the three typical types of cleat but offer less ankle support than a mid-cut or high-top softball cleat.

Factors to Consider for Softball Cleats.

There are many other factors to consider besides the cut and type of cleat. The best women's fastpitch softball cleat may not be the best slow-pitch softball cleat, and some leagues have rules that restrict the type of cleat that’s allowed for use during play. Let’s take a closer look at some specific scenarios that could impact your decision when choosing the best softball cleat for you.

Adult League Rules and Restrictions

Adult fastpitch softball leagues tend to have looser restrictions when it comes to the type of cleat you're allowed to wear, especially if you play at a high skill level. While metal cleats may be allowed at the highest level of fastpitch play, casual and amateur leagues could require the use of TPU-molded cleats. Most slow-pitch softball leagues ban the use of metal cleats. Regardless of which league you play in, it's always best to verify league rules before purchasing your new softball cleats.

Youth League Rules and Restrictions

Nearly every youth league bans the use of metal cleats regardless of whether it's a fastpitch or slow pitch softball league. Most youth leagues have clearly defined rules concerning the types of cleats that are acceptable for use, so it's important to check with your league if you have any questions about rules concerning cleats for youth softball players. 

Foot and Ankle Support

Different women's softball cleats offer different types of support. If you're looking for a cleat with more ankle support, the best high-top softball cleats will provide a lot more support than low-cut cleats will. Mid-top fastpitch cleats offer some support while offering more ankle flexibility than high-top softball cleats

You should also consider how much foot support your new cleats can offer. Depending on how snug you like your cleats, some brands offer different options that affect how snug cleats will fit and what parts of the foot receive the most support.

Material and Comfort

You should never discount comfort when choosing the best fastpitch softball cleats. Even if your new cleats have all the latest features, if they’re not comfortable, they probably aren't the best softball shoe for you. Modern cleats can be molded from leather or synthetic materials, and the type of material used can change how they feel on your feet. Leather can be more durable, but less breathable. Softball cleats crafted from synthetic materials that can be lighter but may offer a different feel than traditional leather.

Best Softball Cleats by Category

The best softball cleat will depend on your specific playing experience and the types of leagues you play in. Let's take a look at the best softball cleats in different categories.

Best Budget Softball Cleats

New Balance SM4040v1 Women's Low Cut Metal Fastpitch Softball Cleats: The New Balance SM4040v1s offer a lightweight and comfortable fit at a great value. They’re designed with fastpitch players in mind and have a metal cleat pattern designed for optimal traction. With many of the features of higher priced cleats, these are the best budget fastpitch softball cleats available today.

Best Metal (Adult) Softball Cleats

Mizuno 9-Spike Swift 6 Women's Low Metal Fastpitch Softball Cleats: The 9-spike outsole of the Mizuno Swift 6 was designed to enhance traction on the field. The pattern takes into account softball players’ movements and remains flexible to give you better control no matter what position you play. Mizuno Wave technology provides superior support, cushioning, and absorbs shocks while relieving pressure.

Best Molded (Youth/Adult) Softball Cleats

Best Softball Turf Shoes

Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 2 Women's Turf Shoes: Nike specifically designed these softball cleats for turf play, with a mesh upper that offers breathability and Lunarlon foam that gives underfoot cushioning for comfort all game long. Internal pads ensure both sides of the heel are cushioned for a comfortable, yet secure, fit. The rubber nubs give superior traction on turf surfaces.

Best Low-Top Softball Cleats

Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Sweep 3 Women's Low Cut Metal Fastpitch Cleats: The Mizuno 9-Spike Advanced Sweep 3 cleats are our pick for best low-top softball cleats due to their comfort features, durability, and performance. Mizuno Wave technology adds comfort while providing stability when at the plate, running the bases, or digging in for a long throw from the outfield. A much-improved toe protector reduces the weight of these cleats while adding durability and injury protection.

Most Comfortable Softball Cleats

Best Lightweight Softball Cleats

New Balance Fresh Foam Velo v2 Women's Low Molded TPU Fastpitch Softball Cleats: New Balance has created a Fresh Foam midsole that’s lighter than previous editions of their cleats, making the Fresh Foam Velo v2 cleats one of the most popular lightweight fastpitch cleats on the market. They also include a lightweight, TPU-molded outsole that’s flexible and responsive when on the field, at the plate, or running the bases.

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