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Knowing what size baseball bat to get can be challenging, especially for younger and newer players. Especially for young players, though, it’s important to get the sizing right – it’s a critical time while new players build their foundations in the sport. The right sized bat will help. 

There’s some key pieces that go into the bat selection process. That’s why we’ve put together this baseball bat sizing chart and explanation for you. 

Selecting the right size baseball or softball bat isn’t always easy. However, following these guidelines can help you decide what works best for you or your player. Ultimately, bat size should be based on age, height and weight considerations, and material type preferences. 

Read on to learn more about choosing the right baseball bat. In this article, we’ll cover: 

Figuring out a player’s correct baseball bat size is essential. Check out our general baseball bat size chart below to ensure you get the right fit.

Weight/Height3'5"- 3'8"3'9" - 4'4'1"- 4'4"4'5"- 4'-8"4'9"- 5'5'1"- 5'-4"5'5"- 5'-8"5'9"- 6'6'1"- Over'
Under 60 lbs27"28"29"29"     
61 - 70 lbs27"28"29"30"30"    
71 - 80 lbs28"28"29"30"30"31"   
81 - 90 lbs28"29"29"30"30"31"   
91 - 100 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"31"  
101 - 110 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"32"  
111 - 120 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"32"  
121 - 130 lbs 30"30"30"31"32"32"33" 
131 - 140 lbs 30"30"30"31"32"32"33"33"
141 - 150 lbs 30"30"31"31"32"33"33"33"
151 - 160 lbs 30"31"31"31"32"33"33"34"
161 - 170 lbs  31"31"32"32"33"33"34"
171 - 180 lbs   31"32"32"33"34"34"
Over 180 lbs     33"33"34"34"

*Please see brand-specific charts to see what’s best for you or your player.

Ages 4-6

Tee ball bats are designed specifically for young players just starting out with baseball. These bats usually range from 24 inches to 26 inches in length and weigh between 12 ounces and 16 ounces. They also have a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter, much smaller than adult-sized bats, making them easier to swing and control.

Player SizeSmall25/1325/1325/13

*Please see brand-specific charts to see what’s best for you or your player.

Ages 7-8

Coach pitch bats are slightly larger than tee ball bats, but they’re still designed with younger players in mind. They typically range from 26 inches to 29 inches long and can weigh between 13 ounces and 18 ounces. Like tee ball bats, these also have a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter, offering control for younger, still-developing players who aren’t ready for an adult-sized bat yet.

Player SizeSmall24/1425/15

*Please see brand-specific charts to see what’s best for you or your player.

Ages 9-12

Little league or Cal Ripken bats are designed for slightly more experienced players and vary in measurement depending on age and size. Generally speaking, Little League/Cal Ripken players use bats between 28 inches and 31 inches in length and 15 ounces and 22 ounces in weight.

Player SizeSmall27/15 - 28/1628/17 - 29/1829/19 - 30/2029/19 - 30/20
Medium29/18 - 30/1930/20 - 31-2130/20 - 31/2130/20 - 31/21
Large31/20 - 32/2131/21 - 32/2231/21 - 32/2231/21 - 32/22

*Please see brand-specific charts to see what’s best for you or your player.

Ages 13-15

Senior league baseball bat sizes range from 31 inches to 33 inches in length and are roughly 19 ounces to 25 ounces in weight, although some can go up to 30 ounces. These heavier, longer bats give experienced players added power behind their swings without sacrificing control over the ball’s trajectory after contact is made with the barrel-end of the bat.

Player SizeSmall26/15 - 28/1728/20 - 31/2330/25 - 31/26
Medium29/19 - 31/2131/26 - 33/2832/27 - 33/28
Large32/22 - 33/2331/26 - 33/2832/27 - 33/28

*Please see brand-specific charts to see what’s best for you or your player.

Ages 14-22

BBCOR bats must have an official stamp indicating they meet designated standards. On average, high school and college players can use adult baseball bat sizes between 31 inches and 34 inches in length that weigh somewhere between 29 ounces to 31 ounces.

Player SizeSmall31/28 - 32/29
Medium32/29 - 33/30
Large33/30 - 34/31

*Please see brand-specific charts to see what’s best for you or your player.

A player’s swing and power are partially determined by bat size, so getting a good fit for body type and skill level is essential. For younger players who are just learning their swing mechanics, choosing the correct bat length is especially important. The general rule for youth bats is that they should be no longer than shoulder height when standing upright with arms at sides. Proper bat size helps ensure balance and control while swinging.

Looking for the perfect bat for your player? Check out our complete guide to How to Choose a Baseball Bat.

Baseball Bat Size FAQs

What size baseball bat do I need?

There are multiple ways to determine the right bat size. A common, accurate, and easy way is by holding your arm out to the side, parallel to the floor. Then hold the knob (end) of the bat at the center of your chest, reaching it out along your arm. If the bat stretches to the end of your fingers, it’s a good size.

How do you pick the proper weight for a bat?

A good rule of thumb about bat weight is the older the player, the less weight drop you want. Keep in mind that the less weight drop, the heavier a bat will be. For example, a -10 bat will be lighter than a -5 bat.  

Does a heavier bat mean more powerful hits?

In theory, a heavier bat can mean more power. That said, the player swinging the bat must be able to maintain their bat swing speed to get distance and velocity from a hit.

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